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Vinohrady Cemetery (Hřbitov - Vinohrady)

Contact details

Vinohradská 294
Praha 10 - Strašnice
100 00
tel.: 274 774 835
tel2.: 234 760 744
mobil: 602 284 306
fax: 274 773 214


Additional information

November - February 8 - 17
March, April, October 8 - 18
May - September 8 - 19


Vinohrady Cemetery

The Vinohrady Cemetery adjoins the Strašnice crematorium in Prague 10. According to the number of the buried persons, the Vinohrady Cemetery is the second largest in Prague, although regarding the surface area, the Ďáblice Cemetery is larger. The Vinohrady Cemetery spreads on approx. 10 ha. The cemetery is listed in the National list of immovable cultural monuments.

The cemetery was established in 1885, and it was extended three times. It was namely used for burying families of rich Prague burgess citizens. Most graves and tombstones date back to the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries and from the era of the first republic.

Behind the entrance, there is the central cross, and nearby there is a new-Gothic Chapel of the Last Parting - a single-aisle Chapel of St. Václav with arcades from 1897 by architect Antonín Turek. There are 14 arcade crypts within the arcades, including the crypt of Václav Havel’s family. The painting of St. Anna in a golden field was realized by a painter Bartoněk; the painting of St. Joseph in the tympanum was made by Adolf Liebscher. The chapel has a high roof with a slim hexagonal spire with a lantern and Gothic windows, above which there rise triangle gables. The roof is concluded with a spike with a belfry and a cross.

In front of the chapel, there is a burial ground for the people killed in the May 1945 fights. Their names are listed on small tombstones. There is an inscription on the edge: We died for freedom, guard the freedom! The memorial board by Arno Quido Adamec was installed in May 1946 above a container with earth from graves of 83 children as a monument for the unknown children killed during the years of occupation.


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