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  • Prague Castle - Production Gardens open day

    date: de 20. 9. 2014 à 21. 9. 2014
    lieu: Prague Castle - The entrance is through the gate on the right side behind the Riding School of Prague Castle.

    Production Gardens will be open to public from September 20th to 21th 2014. Gardens, where over 72 types of plants are grown for the decoration of the castle and protocol events, are normally closed to public.
    There is a water tank from the time of Rudolf II., greenhouses and Masaryk apiary in the gardens.
    The gardens spread to the north and west of the Prague Castle Riding School. The south side is adjacent to Horní Jelení příkop and the remaining three sides are surrounded by U Prašného mostu, U Brusnice and Jelení street and from the north by a stone wall.
    Admission free!

  • Kramář's Villa

    date: 28. 10. 2014
    horaires d'ouverture: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    lieu: Kramářova vila, Gogolova 212/1, Praha 1 - Hradčany

    The villa of the first Czechoslovak Prime Minister Karel Kramář will be open for public. Since 1998 it has been the official residence of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Although it is difficult to categorize the architectural style of the villa, as the Neo-Baroque features are complemented by typically Art Nouveau elements, it is considered one of the most striking examples of Prague villa design.

    More at

  • Open Day - Chamber of Deputies

    date: 28. 10. 2014
    horaires d'ouverture: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    lieu: Sněmovní 4, Prague 1

    On the occasion of the National Day is traditionally held an Open Door Day in the Chamber of Deputies. During a one-hour tour, visitors can see the main meeting hall, meeting rooms and other spaces of the committees in Smiřický, Sternberg and Thun Palace. The Chamber of Deputies will be accessible from the entrance of the Lesser Town Square No. 19. Admission is free.

  • Open Day - Senate of the Parliament

    date: 28. 10. 2014
    horaires d'ouverture: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    lieu: Valdštejnské náměstí 17/4, Prague 1

    Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the most valuable historical spaces of the Wallenstein and Kolowrat Palaces. Group tours with expert guides are prepared for the public within Open door day. Visitors have the opportunity to visit historical spaces in addition, allow insight into the study of one the Vice-Presidents of the Senate, the Reception Lounge of the Chairman  of the Senate, to the Presidential Lounge, Conference hall and other working areas of the Senate. In the Kolowrat Palace is a tour without guides. Visitors can look into the Pink and Green Lounge. Entry to both palaces is free.

  • Municipal House

    date: 28. 10. 2014
    lieu: Municipal House

    Representational rooms (Smetanova síň, Cukrárna, Slovácký salonek, Salonek Boženy Němcové, Orientální salonek, Grégrův,  Palackého, Primátorský, Riegrův a Sladkovského sál). The guides will be available for visitors for an interpretation in the halls. The tour will also offer a screening of the documentary about the Municipal House.



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