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Top monuments - Petřín View Tower

The Petřín View Tower was directly inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was built by the Czech Tourist Club, which had attended the Exposition Universelle in 1889 in Paris and decided to construct a similar tower in Prague. On 16 March 1891 work began in accordance with plans by the engineers František Prášil and Julius Souček. It was finished and formally opened on 20 August of the same year. The heart of the lookout tower is an octagonal tube structure, which contains an elevator. Two spiral staircases wind around this – one for the journey up and the other for the way down. The lookout tower has two observation decks. The upper deck is at a height of 55 metres. A funicular was also completed together with the lookout tower. In the 1960s, antennae were installed at the top of the tower for television and radio broadcasts. The lookout tower was closed to the public in 1979 because of its poor state of repair. It was not opened again until May 1991 on the occasion of the second Jubilee Exhibition.



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Petřínské sady
Praha 1 - Malá Strana
Tel. 257 320 112


Opening Hours

October, March 10 - 20 daily
November - February 10 - 18 daily
April - September 10 - 22 daily


Entrance Fee

full admission 105 Kč, discount 55 Kč



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