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Prague in statistics

Prague Information Service offers a quick overview of statistics related to tourism in Prague. All statistical data shown here are based on official source - the Czech Statistical Office

Guests in accommodation facilities in Prague in 2012

Prague Statistics for 3Q 2012


Prague hotel managers, landmark operators and restaurant owners all have reason to be cheerful: the Czech capital enjoyed very positive incoming tourism growth in the third quarter of 2012. A total of 1,668,467 tourists came to Prague this past July, August and September, representing a 8.6% rise against the same period last year.

Prague also registered an increase in the number of overnight stays, up 6.3% year-on-year.

Visitors stayed in Prague an average 2.57 nights, or approximately 3.5 days. While 8.3% more tourists from abroad came to the city, there was a pleasant surprise in the total number of domestic tourists. Nearly 11% more Czech residents used Prague for their visit; moreover, they stayed longer, spending 19% more nights in the city.

Visits to Prague for 3Q 2012

Period Number of tourists Overnight stays
3Q 2012 1,668,467    +8.6% 4,289,908  +6.25%
3Q 2011 1,436,309 4,037,561

Foreign tourists

Period Number of tourists Overnight stays
3Q 2012 1,490,737  +8.33% 3,921,769  +5.2%
3Q 2011 1,376,087 3,728,170

  Domestic tourists

Period Number of tourists Overnight stays
3Q 2012 177,730    +10.9% 368,139  +19%
3Q 2011 160,230 309,391

Germans ranked at the top of the list of foreign tourists. With a total of 207,440 visitors, 2% more Germans came to the city than last year. Tourists from Russia continued to be on the rise, increasing sharply (+18.5%) in 3Q. Americans (+13.7%) comprised the third-largest group.

Australia experienced the biggest leap, with 36% more tourists coming to Prague from Down Under. Slovakia (+19%), the United Kingdom (+11%) and South Korea (+22.5%) also rose dramatically.

In contrast, significantly fewer tourists came to Prague from Spain (-10.3%). There were also fewer visitors from Italy (-2.3%) and France (-3.7%).

Nationality 3Q 2012 3Q 2011 Growth/decrease
Germany 207,440 203,446 + 2%
Russia 116,032   97,934 +18.5%
United States 112,630   99,027 +13.7%
United Kingdom   81,548   73,499 +11%
Italy   76,023   77,837 -2.3%
Spain   73,856   82,350 -10.3%
France   61,222   63,567 -3.7%
Poland   59,253   56,018 +5.8%
Slovakia   48,124   40,446 +19%
Netherlands   36,285   35,109 +3.4%
Japan   34,436   30,291 +13.7%
Australia   34,176   25,143 +36%

Several facts and figures to recap tourism in Prague in the first three quarters of 2012: a total of 4,104,491 tourists came to Prague from the beginning of January till the end of September, which is a 7.8% increase compared to the same period last year. Overnight stays also trended positively. There were a total of 10,449,264 overnight stays, which is up 5.66%. The average tourist spent 2.54 nights in Prague.

year 2011

In 2011 Prague was a very successful destination. The number of tourists exceeded the magic mark of five million when a total of 5,132,042 guests came to Prague, which is an annual increase of 8.2%. Prague was also successful as for the number of overnight stays. With a total of 13,214,304 in the accommodation capacity utilization it has improved by 9%. The incoming tourism from abroad was doing better than domestic tourism though. In terms of domestic tourism Prague has seen a record increase of 11.5% of tourists, but the overall share of the domestic tourism with 698 994 guests makes only 13.62%.

4,433,048 tourists from abroad arrived in Prague in 2011 and stayed for 2.7 nights on average, ie. 3.5 days. The share of Prague on the incoming tourism in the Czech Republic is high and reached 65% in 2011. Most guests came from Germany (655,306) which was 8.6% more than in the previous year, while the number of visitors from the United Kingdom decreased by 12% to 284,052.

The record arrivals were from Russia. Russians have been the second largest nationality visiting Prague with almost 44% annual increase and total number of 385,783 in 2011. Slightly increasing were the arrivals of Italians (+ 1.73%), Americans (+ 0.85%), Poles (+ 6.25%) and also French (+16.2%) and Spaniards (+16%).

Prague has traditionally been an interesting destination for tourists from Slovakia with 152,307 of them arriving to Prague, which was an increase of 22% compared to 2010. Important to mention is also the growing number of visitors from the Netherlands (+ 9.53%), China (+ 46.6%), Australia (+ 11.7%) or from Brazil, Mexico and South America (+ 20 %). Quite a significant decline in addition to the aforementioned UK was recorded in tourist arrivals from Austria (- 4%), Japan (- 9.9%) and Scandinavia.

Detailed statistics for years 2000 - 2011 available on Czech Statistical Office website.


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